Monday, January 26, 2009

Worship at Church

Yesterday during church our worship pastor talked about worship and about raising our hands in worship. I think he was trying to talking to the youth specifically because he mentioned "How they shouldn't think it is weird if they see others raising their hands in worship." He mentioned that when in war, people would raise their hands in surrender. Pastor Enoch said when you go in worship you are surrendering everything to God, heart, mind, and soul. He then asked the worship team to sing part of a song again and invited all of us to raise our hands in worship if we felt led to do so. As I was worshiping tears came to my eyes. There in front of me, Elyse, who I have mentioned before in some of my previous posts, was in her mom's arms. What I saw next was just beautiful. Elyse started to sing and raised her little left hand in worship like her mom was doing. She then looked behind her mom's shoulder, saw me and waved Hi. :) What a beautiful sight to behold. A little 5 year girl worshiping. :) Praise God. :)

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