Sunday, January 18, 2009

Elyse and Sin

So today I taught Sunday School. I teach PreK-2nd grade. Before class started I was looking around and found a black spider hand puppet and tried to think of a way how I can use it in teaching. Today I had two girls Elyse and Sarah. Elyse is 5 and Sarah is 2. I read a story to them about God's love. I then decided to bring out the hand puppet. I asked the girls to guess the name of the spider.

Elyse said the spider's name was Poach. lol. I'm not sure where she came up with that name.

I told them that the spider's name was Sin. So I talked to the girls about the spider and how his name was Sin. He was big and black so I thought of the name Sin. I told the girls what sin was. I said sinning is when your mommy and daddy tell you to do something and you tell them no. This is where it got interesting. I then asked Elyse a question.

"Elyse, have you ever told a lie?"

She said "Yes. I like telling lies."

I said. "No you don't."

She said "Yes I do."

I then asked "What happens to you when you tell a lie?"

She said "I get spanked and sent to my room."

I then asked her if she knew what the Bible says happens to people who lies. She said "No" but I could tell she was curious.

I told her "The Bible says that liars, those who tell lies, will go to Hell. That's not a good place. You don't want to go to Hell. You want to go to Heaven." I then asked her if she knew how to get rid of sin.

She said "Well, my mom kills the spider with a shoe." lol She thought I was still talking about the spider.

I said "When you sin you have to pray to God and ask him to forgive you."

I then told her about how she need to stop sinning and turn away from her sins and put her trust in Jesus alone to save her. I could tell she got a little confused at that point.

But my day wasn't finished.

I put away Sin the spider. I then gave the girls a snack. During that time Elyse asked me to read from her little Gideon Bible she had brought to church.

"WOW!" This doesn't usually happen. I have taught them before and they have never given me that much attention. I took the opportunity and read practically all of John 14 and they listened. Praise God! It was so cool to see how by just using a spider hand puppet and a little thinking I could have this very important conversation with the girls. The seed was planted last month and it was watered some more this month. I can't wait until next month when I see the girls again. Please be praying with me for Elyse and Sarah! :)

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