Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Helping others with Through A Different Lens

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, the Lord has allowed me to develop a love for photography. And by His grace, He has allowed me to encourage some of you with my photos. Not all of my photographs have been posted on the blog Through A Different Lens but have been posted on my page on Facebook for Through A Different Lens

Recently, my dad has been studying much about the biblical concept of being otherminded--putting others before one's self, as we are commanded in Scripture (Phil. 2:3-4). As I've thought about the subject, I've asked myself how I might use my photography to be otherminded. As I thought and prayed about this, an idea came to mind.

There is a wonderful sister in Christ, in my church, who, due to a host of significant medical issues, is presently unable to work. My family and I love this sister very much and, I believe, the Holy Spirit has pricked my heart to help this sister in a more tangible way.

In order to raise funds for my sister in Christ, I am going to begin offering prints of my photography for sale. 100% of the proceeds will be given to my sister in Christ, as a love gift to help meet her needs.

I am still working out some of the details, but I wanted to share my idea with you to see if any of you would be interested in purchasing prints of my photography to help this sister in need.

Please prayerfully consider helping me to be otherminded, by helping our sister in Christ.

Thank you.

Michelle Miano

Monday, July 26, 2010

Proverbs 8

Wisdom appeals to everyone to listen to her. They should listen to her(v.1-4).

She tells them to understand prudence(v.5).

Wisdom shall speak noble things. Her opening her lips will reveal right things(v.6).

Wisdom's mouth will utter truth. Wickedness is an abomination to wisdom's lip(v.7).

All her utterances of her mouth are in righteousness. Nothing crooked or perverted in them(the utterances)(v.8).

They are straightforward to him who understands and right to those who find knowledge(v.9).

Instruction is better than silver. Knowledge is better than gold(v.10).

Wisdom is better than jewels. All desirable things cannot compare to her(v.11).

Wisdom dwells with prudence. If you are wise than you will be prudent(v.12). You will also find knowledge and discretion.

The fear of the Lord is to hate evil. Wisdom hates pride, arrogance, the evil way, and the perverted mouth(v.13).

Counsel is mine and sound wisdom. She is understanding and power is hers(v.14).

Kings reign and rulers decree justice by/with using wisdom(v.15).

Princes rules and nobles judge rightly when using wisdom(v.16).

Wisdom loves those who love her. Those who diligently seek wisdom will find wisdom(v.17).

Enduring wealth and righteousness are with wisdom(v.18).

Her fruit and what she will yield is better than pure gold and the choicest silver(v.19).

Wisdom walks in the way/path of righteousness and justice(v.20).

Those who love her(hold her dear), she will endow/give wealth and their treasuries be made full(v.21).

The origin of wisdom(v.22-31).

Wisdom possessed by the Lord at the beginning of His way. Before His works of old. Before even the Earth was formed there was wisdom(v.22-29).

Wisdom was a master workman(v.30).

Rejoicing in the world, His earth, and having delight in the sons of men(v.31).

Wisdom again appeals to his sons to listen to him for if they do, if they keep Wisdom's way, they will be blessed(v.32).

Heed instruction and be wise; do not neglect it. Do not just toss it aside and think who cares what they say(v.33).

He who finds wisdom finds life. He/she who does this will find favor from the Lord(v.35).

He who sins against me injures himself. All those who hate me love death. This is beginning to sound more like wisdom is Christ. Those who hate me love death. Those who are rebellious and unrepentant will want to have nothing to do with Christ. They will hate Christ and his followers. They will be lost sinners, trying to entice others to follow their ways, on the path to destruction and away from Christ. Those people sometimes may have no knowledge that they are doing this because they cannot see that what they are doing is wrong. That is why we need to be alert, watchful, and helping our sisters/brothers in accountability and rebuking them so that they do not become enticed and trapped and snared in their friends, who are unbelievers and worldly, ways.

This is what I learned from Proverbs 8.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Proverbs 7

Treasure God's commandments within you, within your heart.

Teaching as the apple of your eye- which is the pupil of the eye, a precious thing to be guarded with the utmost care.

Write them on the tablet of your heart- memorization, meditate on this.

Let wisdom and understanding be your intimate friend. If you will have them as a companion they will protect you from the enticements of the adulteress.

Adulteress is described as the foreigner who flatters with her words.

The victim (v.6-9) does/goes to the adulteress house when it is evening/darkness as if to keep it a secret.

The adulteress is described as dressed as a harlot, cunning of heart, enticing, boisterous, and rebellious.

An adulteress tactics include kisses (v.13), flattery (v.15), sensuality (v.16-18), reassurance that the victim will be fine and not be caught because her husband isn't home and won't be coming home for a while (v.19-20), and persuasion (v.21).

The young man is fooled and trapped and heads to his doom for he does not know it will cost him his life (v.22-23).

Pay attention to the words of my mouth- listen attentively it says.

Do not let your heart turn aside to her ways or stray into her paths. She has many victims that she has cast down and slain. Her house is the way to Sheol, descending to the chambers of death.

I have one thing to say that although in Proverbs the adulteress is described as a female that males are not without sin in this area too. I believe that adulteress can be changed to adulterer and seen in men as well as ladies.

This is what I learned from Proverbs 7.