Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tracts at CSUN

So last Tuesday one of my classes was canceled so I was given about an hour or so break right around lunch time. Usually I don't get to eat lunch on Tuesday and Thursday because classes are 15 minutes apart and I don't have the time. Well I was given the hour so I was able to have some lunch.

After lunch I went to the bookstore to buy some materials for an exam I would be taking on Thursday. I went up to the register to pay. The lady that I went to saw I was buying test supplies and scantrons.

She told me "Good luck on your exams."

I said "Thanks a million." :)

She looks at it and starts to laugh. She says to her coworkers behind the register "Look what I got" and held it high in the air for everyone to see. I smiled and left.

I also went to a different store to buy a snack. I walked up to the register. A saw that this guy was a new person working the register. You can always tell that a person is new at a job. I was able to tell by the way he was unsure how to do things.

After paying I gave him a million dollar bill. He looks confused on what he should do with it.. He then asked his supervisor or whoever was helping him "Can I keep it?" lol.

He then read the back some and said "Thanks."

What a great day. Hopefully they kept the million dollar bills that I gave them and will read it.

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ZooKeeper Kevin said...

Man, I can remember those days without lunch because you had to hop from class to class. Sometimes I had to run from one end of campus to the other at Cal Poly Pomona...LOL !!

The wonderful thing about the Gospel tract is that even if the individual who received it is truly saved they may look at the web address for Living Waters and order some tracts as a result of your meeting with them. The tracts they buy, God willing, could end up planting seeds and leading someone to Christ.

Thanks for sharing !!

When are you going to write a "Take Up The Shield" type book for college students?? First your you !!