Monday, March 30, 2009

Don't Quit!

Every time I fear
God is always near
He provides everything
All I could ever need

He gives me strength
And helps me to be bold
As the time grows old

To share about the cross
With those who are lost.
So those who are blind
God can open up their eyes

So let us proclaim
The wonderful news that he came

Let us not fear
When men scoff and come near
For we have nothing to fear
For the Bible says that God is always near

Just remember "What can mere man do to me?" (Hebrews 13:6)
When God is with thee

Don't Quit! Press on!
For when you are weak
Lean on Him
And He will make you strong.

by Michelle Miano

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Christmas Morn'

Wise men told the stories of old
Of one who is more precious than gold

Who on that Christmas morn'
In a stable He was born

Why was this one who came to earth
Of such special birth?

Because He was to die a death you see.
To pay the punishment for both you and me.

We had done a crime
For what we had done like stolen and lied
And because of that we were given a fine.

A fine that was too great that we could not pay.
We could not even try to work our way.

Our only hope is Christ who is the way, the truth, and the life.
Only he could suffice

So He came to earth to pay the fine
And on the cross He would die.
And on the the third day He would rise
For he defeated death and the grave and is alive

He paid the fine so that we might be free
So we shall be ever grateful and follow Him indeed.

So remember that on that glorious morn'
In a stable your Savior was born.

And spread that same story of old
Of the one who is now more precious to you than gold

So that other people will hear and see
And become free like you and me
And let it all be
For God's awesome glory.

by Michelle Miano

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Poem about Prayer

I fell asleep praying today.
Oh why does it always happen that way.

In my head thoughts always turning
I'm coming to His Word always yearning

Wanting to get off the shore
And dive into something so much more

To share with everyone from sea to shining sea
How God can set the captives free.
If they just see that they are lost indeed
And turn away from their sins, repent and believe

But Oh Lord, How can I do that?
Lord, What can I say?
When I can't just stay awake to pray

For if I can't spend ten minutes of my day
To pray and give you all the glory and praise

What has my life become?
Nothing but a vapor
A tiny speck in comparison to the sun.

So Lord help to be a flower that blooms
To share your love to a world full of gloom

And help me to be more devoted to you each day
And spend more time in your Word and pray.

by Michelle Miano

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Poem about an Atheist

Leaves falling slowly, softly
Like teardrops to the ground.

Pitter, Patter, Pitter Patter,
The rain is coming now.

Upon a thirsty land
Coming from a caring hand

Where does that caring hand come from?
From our gracious Lord, our God above
The Creator of everything we know and love

How do you know there is a God the atheists say
Where is the proof you can display?

So we say just look and see
He has created both you and me
and all around us are the wonders of his majesty

And we see the atheists eyes begin to open wide like turning from night to day
As he sees all the wonders that God hath made

We look at the atheist and he is dumbfound.
For he had never heard of anything so profound

How can this be true?
He looks up in despair
For my entire life long
I have been so wrong.

We tell the atheist "Please, Please."
"You must repent and believe."
He cries out "Yes! Yes! I see. I see."
"Oh God forgive a sinner like me."

The man who once was an atheist will be no more
For Christ is in his heart both now and forever more.

The man who was once an atheist will cry out to His father above
For our God is full of justice, grace, mercy, and love.

As we watch the man who once was blind but now can see.
We see him crying and we encourage and comfort thee.

For his crying is like leaves falling slowly, softly to the ground.
Thankful for the gracious God whose love abounds
And gave the living water to his thirsty soul.

Praise be to God that we could be so bold.
To share His gospel with both young and old.

For if we had been fearful and afraid
We would have not shared the gospel that day.
And that young man might have perished on his way.
And if he had, would have gone to the grave.

So Praise God that he would use a sinner like thee
To show others the way so that they too might be free.

by Michelle Miano

Monday, March 9, 2009

Patience: A Poem

Patience is a virtue some would say
But people don't usually practice it any day.

Patience is part of the Fruit of the Spirit
As well as love, kindness, and all the others
That we should be showing to our sisters and brothers

In living for Christ we should be showing all the fruit
For he is the way, the truth, and the life
Nothing else will suffice
For Christ died for you and me
On the cross at Calvary.

He died because we had sinned
And without Him we could have never lived
So he came to earth and died on Calvary
So that we might be made free

So now if we repent and turn away from sin.
And put our faith and trust in Him
Then Christ will accept us and go within
And we will become born again.

Being born again we will become like a light
Very big and very bright
And as a light people will be able to see
That Christ is living in us indeed.

So believer let your fruit such as patience show and grow
So that others will see
Whether it be by word of mouth or deed.
That Christ is not dead but alive.
He is risen.
He is risen indeed.

by Michelle Miano

I wrote that poem and I just thought I would share it with all of you.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


With working in the lobby, I have found that I have been given a wonderful gift. The gift of time. With barely anything to do most nights I find myself writing out a lot of my thoughts on paper and then I end up writing it on my blog. With just a quiet beeping of groceries being scanned through the check stand and the music playing quietly in the background it is the best spot I have found to just write. I know that might sound bizarre, but that just seems to be where I am when the juices flow and I can just write to my hearts content. But now that I've said that I can't think what to write about. How funny is that! One thing I noticed is that I always write things on paper first before typing anything. It's easier for me to know what to say and how to say it if I write it all or at least most of it on paper. Just personal preference I guess. :)

Writing has never been a strong subject for me in school. I feel that I only write really well when I feel that God has laid something on my heart or I am writing about something I am really interested in. I have noticed this with some of my papers at school. With some papers (those that I don't particularly like)such as plain English papers analyzing a story, I really struggle with the placement of everything and I end up writing the minimum requirements for the page length. Although I do try my grade always seem lower for those papers. With papers that I do like or have a interest in I feel like writing non-stop and I end up having to leave things out because professors want it to be a certain length and no longer. I feel like I don't have enough details in the paper and want to put in it as much as I can to support my opinion. These papers though not always seem to get a higher grade.

I also seem to enjoy writing short stories with children in them. One of my stories I actually had to make into a book and present it in front of an entire Early Childhood Education class. My professor liked it so much that she wrote to me saying that she hoped that I would pursue getting the book actually published. lol This I found completely surprising since I've never been good at English or so I thought. Maybe one day I will although I have no clue really how to go about doing that. I have also written one other short story but it is about a girl who was in a hospital and she shared the gospel with the doctors and nurses there. Last but not least I have started writing a fantasy story of some sort. This isn't a short story but a chapter book. This story I have only really just started working on. I'm working currently on chapter 11. I have tried putting some Christian themes in it without literally mentioning them so that when or if I ever show anyone those believers would be able to clearly see them. Sort of in a way that Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis did it. I'm no C.S. Lewis but at least I can try. I just hope that whatever I write whether it be a paper, short story, book, or blog that God would be glorified in all I do. :)