Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Word of the Lord

The Word of the Lord
should be preached to both young and old
and to make the weak, strong and bold.
The Word of the Lord will not return void

There will be those who will be sick of hearing His name
And might try to cause you to be nervous or afraid
To try to stop the proclamation of his name
But do not in the least bit worry that day.
Stand firm, trust in the Lord, and just obey
and He will give you the words to say

Cause you never know who might hear you that day
and you might lead Him to the only way.

Praise the Lord!
You Didn't Quit!
You conquered the fear of man!

The darkness fled away
The light of Christ shined forth that day
and the great news that He came, defeated death,
Rose from the grave and is alive today.
Was even more boldly proclaimed
Maybe you'll see them in heaven one day.
because you shared with them about the only way
And God in His great love, and mercy caused them to come to repentance and faith
and saved them that day.

Praise God that He gave you the strength that day
He alone gives us the word to say
To Him be all honor, glory, and praise!

by Michelle Miano

I wrote this poem as I was thinking about what happened when we were doing evangelism this past Saturday at Glendale. We had a security guard who was sick of hearing the gospel so he started to blast loud music of all sorts at us to drown us out. I had become afraid and was nervous of getting up on the box because I didn't think I would be loud enough for anyone to hear me even with a PA system. Well I became a little upset and decided to get up even though I would be going against some music. As I started to read the music started to become quiet!! I was surprised. I read Isaiah 53. After I read it I paused.. I knew I shouldn't stop there so I took a deep breath and started taking a group of teenage boys through the law and the gospel. Dad said it was my best open air ever. He said I was louder and firm, and gave a lot more eye contact. He compared me to a school teacher.

Here's some photos of that night:

The security guard who was sick of hearing Christ's name.