Friday, July 25, 2014

You Are Loved

8 weeks ago I started doing an online bible study which I just finished today.  A group of ladies together went through the book You Are Loved by Sally Clarkson and Angela Perritt.  This book was to show us how much God loves us and how we should love others.  This is the first time I have gone straight through a study without stopping.  Being in the Word of God every day is something I truly need.  It helps my attitude when I am doing it the first thing in the morning.

Three things through this study that God showed me were:

1.) I need to trust Him more.

2.) I need to do everything with love and in love.

3.) I pray that all I do may glorify Him!

Also God pointed out one specific person in my life that I need to be more loving to and I hope that my relationship with this person will grow deeper.  Please be praying for me as I show more love to her.  Now I have to go find a new book/study that I can do.  Any suggestions??

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