Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Am Thankful (Day 1)

So on Facebook I was tagged in a game. The rules of the game were for seven days straight I was supposed to write three things that were positive as my Facebook status. I decided to do this on my blog instead.

1. I thank God for my family. For their love, care, and support and big hugs when the days are rough.

2. I thank God for my job. As of August 12th I will have been at Tutor Time for 1 year. Many wonderful memories and looking forward to the many memories that are still to come. What a blessing it is to love and care for every child who walks through our doors. That is what Tutor Time is all about. I love my job and my coworkers are the best! They make every day a joy to go to work.

3. My God who loves me unconditionally. Who is always right there beside me to lead me and to show me the way.

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