Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Lukewarm and Doubting Christian No More

I have struggled with doubt in my life.

As I was reading this morning's devotion by Charles Spurgeon, this sentence stood out to me:
"'Make every effort' if you would get assurance for lukewarmness and doubting very naturally go hand in hand" (Morning and Evening, Morning, July 26).
I doubt and therefore I am lukewarm. I am lukewarm and therefore I doubt. I shouldn't be lukewarm in my walk with Christ. Doubt serves as a sign for me, showing me that I am becoming lukewarm again. I don't want to be lukewarm. I don't want to doubt.

But how does one get away from being lukewarm? That is what had been running through my mind. At what point is a Christian no longer lukewarm? I think attentiveness toward God is important in overcoming lukewarmness. My attentiveness toward God should be all consuming; meaning: attentiveness not just in my quiet time, but all the time. Every second. Lukewarmness and doubt are only removed from my behavior and thinking when my eyes are fully fixed on Christ.

How is your walk with Christ? Are your eyes fixed on Him or are you a lukewarm and doubting Christian? Oh God, may I never doubt again! Help me, God, not to be a lukewarm or doubting Christian any more.


Anonymous said...

You should be very careful, Michelle. "Jesus Calling" is a very troubling book. Basically, Sarah Young seems to be calling subjective thoughts and impressions the voice of God, and says that we don't need the Bible as God's sole transcendent communication for us.

Michelle Miano said...

@Anonymous: Thank you. I talked to my dad about the journal, and he agrees with you. I've edited this post, removing the reference to the journal. Thanks again.