Friday, April 3, 2009

Thank You

This poem I would like to dedicate to the following people Bart McCurdy, Jessica Kidwell, Josh Wiley, and Jeff Baran. :)

Thank you my dear friends
For being with me to the end

For a time when I felt so weak and small
You raised me up
And made me feel so strong and tall

I broke into tears
Conquering some of my fears

I prayed for the courage that I lack
As I proceeded to get on top of your back.

To open air and share the truth
of the law and the gospel
To the entire group

Thank you for getting on your hands and knees
And being there to support me

As I shook tremendously
Looking a little like Elvis Presley

And thank you to those friends for being by my side.
As I told people of how they had sinned
Because they had stolen and lied.

Thank you my dear friends
For being with me till the very end

Whether you were down on your knees
or encouraging me
as you were standing by my side
I thank God for the backup and friends that the Lord did provide

I don't know how else to say.
How very grateful I was to have you with me on that very special day

I can't tell you enough
That you have blessed me oh so very much

So I say once again
Thank you, Thank you my dear friends
For being with me till the very end.

1 comment:

Judy/ "Blondie" said...

Well worth the wait precious sister....I remember when I first saw that photo many months ago, and read and heard....and it made me cry....Well, I'm crying again this morning, knowing how God has touched your life. I am blessed to know you.