Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stubborn and Determined

I know that this post is sort of off the topic of what I've been talking about mostly on my blog but I thought should put it in.

A couple days ago I just realized something. I can be at times a stubborn person. My sisters and I were talking about Disney movies a while back and I realized something. My favorite Disney movies had girls that were very stubborn and determined. Not sure if I just liked them or if it was because the characters were like me in a way but I thought I would show you just a couple clips from the movies.

Stubborn and determined that's what I see in these characters and that's what I sometimes see in me.. Is this a good thing? I'm not sure. Determined yes but I'm not so sure about the stubborn part.

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bondservant4jesuschrist said...

Haha. I like these one's too. I am stubborn and determined, too. I think that's what God uses so that I will go out to witness, though! I am stubborn to give a gospel tract even when my family tells me not to when there is a waitress.

So I guess God can use it for good. Also if you you at these two girls, they want something more than this life has to offer. So in away I want more to this life.

In my case I want to go to heaven. Even though yeah I can sometimes not appreciate what I have as much, but then God reminds me with other people's lives who don't have it as good as me. I pray for them. But then also they can be much more devoted than God than I am in the case of persecuted Church. Either way as long as God uses me. I am still not totally depressed the way I am. I am the way God made me and hopefully and prayerfully, I will become more of what God wants me to be.