Thursday, April 16, 2009

Old Rugged Cross

On that old rugged cross is a song we sometimes sing
A cross we sometimes see on churches, necklaces, and tee's.
But I think we really don't stop to think about what the cross really means.

It is a symbol that we should not take lightly
But that we should regard it very highly

For on a day called Good Friday
The innocent, Son of God on a cross was slain
And the price for us He did pay

He alone could be the sacrifice
He alone could pay the price
For Jesus Christ was God's only begotten Son you see
And He alone could die for sinners, the wretched people like you and me.

Because of the horrible things we had done
Because we had all broken God's law
We could never pay the price
Christ was the only sacrifice that would suffice

But it did not end on that Good Friday
Yes Christ was sacrificed for us and did die for you and me that day
On the old rugged cross
But his death was not a loss
For three days later on that wonderful day
Christ defeated death and arose from the grave.

That day my friends was Easter.

So the next time you sing about the old rugged cross
Or you wear the cross as a necklace or on a tee.
Just remember what the cross symbolizes and what the the cross truly should mean
To sinners saved by grace like you and me
And thank God that He saved thee

You are no longer a slave to sin but are free
To God may all the praise and glory be
Hallelujah! He is risen! He is risen indeed!

by: Michelle Miano

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