Thursday, April 30, 2009


Quietly and humbly I come
To the one who is the Son

The Creator of everything I see
The one who provides for all I need

The one whom I get my support from
and He is the one I can lean on

To Him alone be all honor, glory, and praise
every solitary second for the rest of my days

Why do I mope and complain,
when I encounter a little pain?

Or when I get down,
do I begin to frown?

I need to remember that I am much better off
than someone who is lost

For they have everything to fear
When judgment day is finally here

Unless we share with everyone
the law and the gospel and about God's only Son

And that our loved ones who once were blind
Once we share with them will hopefully repent
Turn away from their sins
Put their faith and trust in Him
and then they will be born again
and will be able to finally see
and become truly free indeed.

by Michelle Miano

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