Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Crucifixion (based on Pastor Steve's Sermon and Luke 23:32-43)

As I was writing notes during the sermon it started to come out in a form of a poem.  I thought I would share it with you, just to encourage you. :-)

The Crucifixion (based on Pastor Steve's Sermon and Luke 23:32-43)

There on the cross
Where my Saviour bled and died
On Calvary
He gave up His life
For You and I.

Even in utter pain and agony
He practiced what He preached
And spoke blessings upon the people
Instead of cursing

Not a single angry word
Did He utter
Nor an angry look
Did He give
But rather spoke Father Please Forgive

He took the Father's Wrath upon Himself
That was meant to be poured out onto me
And instead gave me His wonderful love, grace and mercy.

He promised that if I repented of my sins,
Put my faith and trust in Him
And really believed
That I would receive life and have life eternally

Thank God that He chose me
And has taken the chains of sin off me
And set me free!!

Thank you God that like the other man that was on the cross you remembered me. :)

Praise Ye Praise Ye!
Oh God I thank you
and Praise Ye!
Hallelujah My God Reigns
For Forever and Ever
My God Will Reign!

by: Michelle Miano

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