Wednesday, September 18, 2013

God has blessed me in so many ways...

I haven't posted in almost a year.  A lot has changed in my life...

God has blessed me in several ways:

1.) My job at Albertsons was great.  But now that time has ended.  After 7 years with the store I felt God calling me to move on....

2.) With a new job working in a preschool as a teacher with a group of 3 year olds.  It can be a handful working with a master teacher and 22 children in a small room when they are still learning to respect and obey me but some of the children are starting to get attached to me and me to them.  Those children know how to pull on my heart strings in just the right way. :)

3.) With a growing desire to work with orphans one day....  Just need to find a way to be able to do that here in Southern CA if I can..

4.) With a group of children (4-5 year olds) that I am able to teach Sunday School to each week and see them grow in the Lord and learn about the Bible and the people in the Bible.  That is amazing to watch. :)

As I see these little blessings every day I will try to write them down on here and share them with you.

I look forward to seeing what the Lord brings... :)

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