Thursday, May 31, 2012

While Waiting for Prince Charming Keep Your Eyes on the Lord

God works in mysterious ways sometimes.  Sometimes He puts it on our hearts to write something down and then we forget about it until we discover that paper again.  That's what He did with me tonight.  He reminded me of some things regarding waiting on Him with areas in my life.  I had written a poem on a scrap piece of paper I don't know how long ago.  These past couple of days I've been going through my room and cleaning and found this scrap of paper and I decided to transfer the poems from all the scraps of paper into one notebook to make things cleaner.  Needless to say the poem was what I needed to hear.  Funny how God works isn't it.  I checked to see if I had made a post on this blog before with the poem in it and I realized I hadn't.  I don't know why I hadn't but maybe just maybe someone else needs to read this just like I did.  Well I hope ladies it encourages you and reminds you to keep your eyes on the Lord while you're waiting for prince charming. :-)

Keep Your Eyes on the Lord
by Michelle Miano

A yearning grows
Deep down in my soul
For a dream to come true
For prince charming to be not just a mere fantasy
But to become reality
But the right one hasn't come for me
And so instead of being in despair
I'll start saying a little prayer for him each night

I must wait patiently
Which can be hard for a hopeless romantic like me to do.
So I turn to the Word to see what it says for me to do while I wait...

God says keep your eyes on Him
Surrender it all to the Lord
Work heartily for Him
Devote yourselves to Him
And in Him you will find all the love, peace and patience you are looking for...

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