Thursday, April 19, 2012

Praying for You

Praying for the day
When you my friend will be saved
Eternity may just be a breath away
There's not a moment to waste
Nor a minute to wait

Come to terms with reality
And see how such a sinner you have been
In the light of God's law
Lying, Stealing, Blasphemy, Lusting
Your hearts deceitfully wicked
No one is good not one

That is why Jesus, God's Son
Had to come
To die on the cross
For Us!!!

But rejoice for death did not conquer
Jesus was raised on the the third day
And Praise God He's Alive Today!

by Michelle Miano


JulieBishop-Allen said...

Michelle, this is Great! Found one typo...second stanza, fifth line (see hears - think you meant hearts) hugs, Julie

Michelle Miano said...

Thank you Julie. :-)

Sadie said...

Yes and Amen! May I share this?