Monday, May 25, 2009

Lord Set My Heart on Fire

Loving Abba in heaven above
Thank you for giving us Your love
Your wonderful saving grace
Amazes me each day

Your presence in my life is what I desire
Oh Lord give me a burning passion and set my heart on fire.
To be so bold to share with the lost
How they are dying and therefore need the cross

For we have all broken your commands
And could not ever meet your demands
Of the one who is perfect and just
And we are sinners who lie, steal, blaspheme and lust.

But God made a way
On that awesome and powerful day
So that we who were sinners were once lost might be made free
For God sent his only son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for you and me

He was the only sacrifice
Who would suffice
So he went to the cross
To pay that price
And three days later rose from the grave
And is alive to this very day

What God requires now from us
Is that we repent, turn away from our sins
Such as lying, blasphemy and lust
And in Him alone put our faith and trust

Then Oh Lord please give us that same burning passion and desire
And set our hearts in love with You and totally on fire
To share with those like you had someone share with me
About the law and the gospel so that we might be set free
And when they die will not see hell but see eternity.

by Michelle Miano

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