Sunday, March 1, 2009


With working in the lobby, I have found that I have been given a wonderful gift. The gift of time. With barely anything to do most nights I find myself writing out a lot of my thoughts on paper and then I end up writing it on my blog. With just a quiet beeping of groceries being scanned through the check stand and the music playing quietly in the background it is the best spot I have found to just write. I know that might sound bizarre, but that just seems to be where I am when the juices flow and I can just write to my hearts content. But now that I've said that I can't think what to write about. How funny is that! One thing I noticed is that I always write things on paper first before typing anything. It's easier for me to know what to say and how to say it if I write it all or at least most of it on paper. Just personal preference I guess. :)

Writing has never been a strong subject for me in school. I feel that I only write really well when I feel that God has laid something on my heart or I am writing about something I am really interested in. I have noticed this with some of my papers at school. With some papers (those that I don't particularly like)such as plain English papers analyzing a story, I really struggle with the placement of everything and I end up writing the minimum requirements for the page length. Although I do try my grade always seem lower for those papers. With papers that I do like or have a interest in I feel like writing non-stop and I end up having to leave things out because professors want it to be a certain length and no longer. I feel like I don't have enough details in the paper and want to put in it as much as I can to support my opinion. These papers though not always seem to get a higher grade.

I also seem to enjoy writing short stories with children in them. One of my stories I actually had to make into a book and present it in front of an entire Early Childhood Education class. My professor liked it so much that she wrote to me saying that she hoped that I would pursue getting the book actually published. lol This I found completely surprising since I've never been good at English or so I thought. Maybe one day I will although I have no clue really how to go about doing that. I have also written one other short story but it is about a girl who was in a hospital and she shared the gospel with the doctors and nurses there. Last but not least I have started writing a fantasy story of some sort. This isn't a short story but a chapter book. This story I have only really just started working on. I'm working currently on chapter 11. I have tried putting some Christian themes in it without literally mentioning them so that when or if I ever show anyone those believers would be able to clearly see them. Sort of in a way that Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis did it. I'm no C.S. Lewis but at least I can try. I just hope that whatever I write whether it be a paper, short story, book, or blog that God would be glorified in all I do. :)

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