Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Poem about an Atheist

Leaves falling slowly, softly
Like teardrops to the ground.

Pitter, Patter, Pitter Patter,
The rain is coming now.

Upon a thirsty land
Coming from a caring hand

Where does that caring hand come from?
From our gracious Lord, our God above
The Creator of everything we know and love

How do you know there is a God the atheists say
Where is the proof you can display?

So we say just look and see
He has created both you and me
and all around us are the wonders of his majesty

And we see the atheists eyes begin to open wide like turning from night to day
As he sees all the wonders that God hath made

We look at the atheist and he is dumbfound.
For he had never heard of anything so profound

How can this be true?
He looks up in despair
For my entire life long
I have been so wrong.

We tell the atheist "Please, Please."
"You must repent and believe."
He cries out "Yes! Yes! I see. I see."
"Oh God forgive a sinner like me."

The man who once was an atheist will be no more
For Christ is in his heart both now and forever more.

The man who was once an atheist will cry out to His father above
For our God is full of justice, grace, mercy, and love.

As we watch the man who once was blind but now can see.
We see him crying and we encourage and comfort thee.

For his crying is like leaves falling slowly, softly to the ground.
Thankful for the gracious God whose love abounds
And gave the living water to his thirsty soul.

Praise be to God that we could be so bold.
To share His gospel with both young and old.

For if we had been fearful and afraid
We would have not shared the gospel that day.
And that young man might have perished on his way.
And if he had, would have gone to the grave.

So Praise God that he would use a sinner like thee
To show others the way so that they too might be free.

by Michelle Miano


Anonymous said...

How Wonderful.. Your words are Beautiful..
I love you Micheel{{{~!~}}}Grammy

GracieJoy said...

This is SO beautiful Michelle!!!