Friday, March 13, 2009

A Poem about Prayer

I fell asleep praying today.
Oh why does it always happen that way.

In my head thoughts always turning
I'm coming to His Word always yearning

Wanting to get off the shore
And dive into something so much more

To share with everyone from sea to shining sea
How God can set the captives free.
If they just see that they are lost indeed
And turn away from their sins, repent and believe

But Oh Lord, How can I do that?
Lord, What can I say?
When I can't just stay awake to pray

For if I can't spend ten minutes of my day
To pray and give you all the glory and praise

What has my life become?
Nothing but a vapor
A tiny speck in comparison to the sun.

So Lord help to be a flower that blooms
To share your love to a world full of gloom

And help me to be more devoted to you each day
And spend more time in your Word and pray.

by Michelle Miano


Leah said...

This is a beautiful poem and voices a cry that is within my heart as well. How often I fall asleep praying and wake up wishing I had not, because my time is all gone. I have recently begun doing some quick exercises to get the blood flowing before I go to my knees before my Lord Jesus Christ. So far it has worked well and I am able to pray with a clearer mind.

Your poems and writings are a blessing to me, thank you for sharing them.

God bless you dear sister,

Donnie Johnson said...

Glory To God! Very encouraging & convicting article Michelle, may we both access these means of grace daily for our personal sanctification and the glory of His GREAT AWESOME & MIGHTY NAME!!������