Wednesday, October 1, 2008

August Academy (Day 2) God Had Other Plans

So I just finished my last blog about some 1-2-1 conversations I had during the Ambassadors Academy I went to. I mentioned in the previous blog I told my team leader and mentor that I was only going to be handing out tracts and streelight preaching at Hollywood and then when we went to Glendale I might get on the box and open air preach.

God had another plan than what I thought.

So after the girls and I were done with our conversations we joined the rest of our team in front of the subway station on Hollywood Blvd. Things went well there until we had a regular visitor come and set up some buckets as drums and some long sticks to bang on the buckets to make noise.

I saw my dad and said "Hi."

He then asked "Have you gotten up on the box?" with a little smirk.

"No." I replied.

Dad talked to me some more and one thing led to another and my dad asks a couple of the other guys on my team if I could cut and go up on the box and read Scripture. He would then talk about the Law and Gospel. He knew that if I didn't do it soon then I might not do it later. What do you think their answer was? Of course..


Dad proceeded to go to the drummer and asked if he would politely hold off drumming because I was going on the box for the first time.

The drummer said "No."

I was already on the box and would have to go on with him playing loud. My dad tells me that the drummer is not going to stop. "I was shaking up there on the box with the microphone in my hand and proceeded to read James 4:1-10.

I started crying..

"I can't do it."

I thought like getting down but dad kept encouraging me. I also heard someone clapping. Dad would later tell me the E.Z Zwayne did that. What a sweetheart! I did have my first heckler. A man heard me as he walked by and yelled out.

"That is boring!"

I kept going. I finally finished after what seemed I was standing there forever. I also thought that my microphone wasn't on and everyone said it was.


After that I just listened to my dad follow up with the law and the gospel. We gave each other a hug and dad told me how proud he was of me for just reading Scripture.

So that's how God had other plans for me that day at Hollywood. :)

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Chris Hobeck said...

Praise God Michelle!