Tuesday, September 30, 2008

August Academy (Day 2) Conversations at Hollywood

For those of you that don't know. I was able to be apart of an Ambassadors Academy last month. An Ambassadors Academy is like a 3 day boot camp to help you in evangelizing to others and sharing them the law and the gospel. It is done by Living Waters and the Way of the Master. Day 1 is full of teaching from our leaders. Days 2 and 3 we go out and practice what we have learned by way of handing out tracts, 1-2-1 conversations and open-airing. I had a wonderful team leader who's name was Bart McCurdy and lady mentor Liz Ebert.

Well day two got started without a hitch. We prayed first and then got on the bus. We were going to Hollywood Blvd and Glendale to practice. Before today had started I had already made my goals for Hollywood Blvd. At Hollywood I decided I would mostly hand out tracts and doing the streelight preaching. For those of you that don't know streelight preaching is where you time your message of the gospel to the stoplight. You are trying to get the message out before the light turns and all the people walk across the street. Anyways I had told myself and other members on my team that my plan was to possibly open-air out in Glendale and not before that.

They were like "Okay Michelle."

We first decided to go in front of the Grauman's Chinese Theater. I didn't do much there. I just listened as Ray Comfort got up and was heckled by Batman and the Joker. He also took a young man from Cambridge(England) through the law and gospel. His mom came up to the mic for a few minutes after telling Ray how he was wrong of accusing her boy. She also told Ray that her son was very respectful to everyone. She then walked off.

After that the 5 of us girls decided to do some 1-2-1 conversations. Dede, Trish, and I walked up to 2 very tough looking guys. Trish immediately started a conversation and it seemed like she knew everything to say. At one point she asked them if either of them had committed murder or killed anyone. One of them said...


My eyes must of been as wide as saucers and I had to leave to answer a long distance phone call. I don't know what happened after that with the two gentlemen.

After that we talked to a couple of other guys. One's name was Dean. I don't remember his friends name who we could tell was pretty high on something. We asked them how precious were their eyes and then from there transitioned to the gospel. After we handed them the million dollar bill.

"We can't use that. We are hungry. Why don't you feed us instead of giving us these million dollars."

Trish immediately said we would and took them to get them a slice of pizza and a drink. You can see that there was some conviction in Dean's eyes as we continually shared the gospel. He kept apologizing for his friend who he said was "tripping out." He thanked us for the conversation and proceded to give each of us a hug which was a tad uncomfortable for me but I just followed Trish lead. His friend proceded to ask if we had a Bible he could have. Dede had a pocket bible which contains Psalms, Proverbs and the New Testament. The guy looked through it and said he wouldn't take it because it had the book of Revelations in it.

'Okay' I thought to myself. Dean again apologized for his friend and we wished them well and left to go back and join the team again. When we walked back we stopped for a moment and prayed for those young men. It was so sad.

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