Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chinese Fire Drill

So I have a funny adventure to share. I visited the Ambassadors Academy on Friday. Well after an eventful day of evangelism on Hollywood my dad asked me to go with Anita to get the van for the mentors. Sure! So we went to the van and hopped in. We picked up the mentors and my dad said I could ride in the van with the mentors on the way to Glendale. Dru would ride in the car with my dad. So we headed to Glendale and followed my dad's car and the bus.

Now since there is traffic in Hollywood, Jaylene, one of the lady mentors says "Hey! Let's do a Chinese Fire Drill." "What?" I ask. Jaylene then explains to me it is when they park the car in traffic and everyone runs out and switches places. "Oh No!" "No way." I say. "Let's see what your dad will do when he sees us." says Jaylene and Leon. I shake my head and say that I'm not doing it.

So we decide to pretend. Anita parks the car in the traffic and we all open our door, pretending we are going to get out. You should of seen the look on my dad's face. We did this several times and he's like shaking his head in amazement. Anita then gets a phone call and he asks her "Are you corrupting my daughter?" lol. We are all in the car busting up a gut. So we stop for a while.

At the next break the rest of the team plan on doing it for real when to our very eyes, Dru jumps out of the car!!! We think he is going to run to us when we see he makes a beeline towards the bus ahead. Woah!!! We are all wondering what's going on now? Well we call my dad and I guess that the bus driver got the wrong directions from Hollywood to Glendale so Dru had to hop out of the car in the middle of traffic and run to the bus to help the bus driver because he knew the directions of how to get there. We all had a wonderful time on that trip fooling around with my dad. What fun that was!!!

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fourbyfourblazer said...

That was funny. Dru was giving me directions at the same time he was telling me the bus driver was driving the wrong direction. With Dru's directions I managed to get to Glendale first so I could get pictures of the bus pulling up. Your dad is so cool.