Monday, August 4, 2014

CHLA update

So I have thought of a way CHLA could expand to reaching more than just children in hospitals with cards.

If you have no clue what I'm talking about well then I would recommend that you read my previous blog post titled CHLA which you can see if you click on CHLA.

Anyways instead of just sending cards to children at hospitals why not expand it to people all over the world! We can reach out to people we know. All it would take is me getting a PO Box and the address of the family who it would be going to and people could send me cards for the family that would be picked. Then I could put all the cards together in an envelope and mail it to the family in need of prayer, love and encouragement. The family themselves wouldn't know that the cards would be coming for them. I think we could probably do this once a month. I would pick a family the first week of the month based off the previous months nominations. I would give people two weeks to send cards or other things to me and then I would mail it to the family the last week of the month. I'd like this to be special, something where the family was nominated by someone they know. I'd love to set up a website where people could anonymously or not ask if we could send cards to someone they know. I already have a couple families in mind to start it off. What do you think??? Suggestions, comments?


Suzanne Story said...

Love the idea!!

connie griffin said...

...go for IT!