Friday, October 22, 2010

Proverbs 10

These are my notes from Proverbs 10.

A wise son makes a father glad. One who fears the Lord is wise. A foolish son is a grief to his mother (v.1).

Ill gotten gains do not profit-foolish person. Righteousness delivers from death-wise son (v.2).

The Lord will not allow the righteous to hunger to the wise son. He will reject the craving of the wicked for the foolish son. (v.3)

Poor is he who works with negligent hands- foolish son. Hand of the diligent makes rich- wise son (v.4).

He who gathers in the summer is the wise son. He who sleeps in harvest is the son who acts shamefully and is the foolish son (v.5)

Blessings are on the righteous. The mouth of the wicked conceals violence. Violent plans and language come from the mouth of the wicked(v.6).

The memory of the righteous will/is blessed. The name of the wicked will rot (v.7).

The wise will receive commands but a babbling fool will be ruined (v.8).

When you walk in integrity, you will walk securely. He who perverts his way will be found out (v.9).

He who winks his eye causes trouble (v.10).

The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life. I'm guessing this fountain of life is having something to do with with something spiritual/spiritual aspect in our walk with Christ (v.11).

Hatred stirs up strife. This is so very true. Love covers all transgressions. Hallelujah! (v.12).

Lips of the discerning, wisdom is found. Rod for the back of those who lack understanding (v.13).

Wise men store up knowledge. The mouth of the foolish-- ruin is at hand (v.14).

The rich man's wealth is his fortress. The ruin of the poor is their poverty (v.15).

My study Bible says "Wealth can sometimes protect from trouble while poverty is a liability that exposes one to misfortune." The wages of the righteousness is life. The income of the wicked is punishment. This reminds me of "For the wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life." (v.16).

He who heeds instructions is on the path of life. He who ignores reproof goes astray (v.17).

He who conceals hatred has lying lips and he who spreads slander is a fool (v.18).

When there is many words transgression is unavoidable. He who restrains his lips is wise (v.19).

The tongue of the righteous is as choice silver. Heart of the wicked is worth little (v.20).

Lips of the righteous feed many. Pastors are like this. Fools die for lack of understanding (v.21).

It is the blessing of the Lord that makes rich. He adds no sorrow to it (v.22).

My study Bible says real prosperity is a divine blessing accompanied by neither anxiety or trouble. Doing wickedness is like sport to a fool. Wisdom is like sport to a man of understanding. Sport you have to practice it. You can't expect to be the best at it when you first start doing it. Sport could also mean fun which could be describing the fool. They don't care how it might be hurtful. They are having fun and finding enjoyment in it so they won't stop doing it. (v.23).

What the wicked fears will come upon him. The desires of the righteous will be granted (v.24).

When the storm/whirlwind passes the wicked will be no more. But the righteous will remain for they have an everlasting foundation which is Jesus Christ. Reminds me of "Firm Foundation" song (v.25).

The lazy person is like sour vinegar and smoke to the eyes- irritating to the one who sends them.(v.26).

The fear of the Lord prolongs life but the wicked life will be shortened (v.27).

Hope of the righteous=gladness. Expectation of the wicked perishes (v.28).

Way of the Lord is a stronghold to the upright but ruin to workers of iniquity (v.29).

Righteous will never be shaken. Wicked will not dwell in the land (v.30).

Wisdom flows from the mouth of the righteous. Perverted tongue will be cut out (v.31). The lips of the righteous bring forth what is acceptable but the mouth of the wicked bring forth what is perverted. (v.32).

That is what I learned from reading Proverbs 10.

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Freda Lau said...

Thank you for sharing the gems you have received from Proverbs 10, Michelle. Particularly liked the part where you gave the two explanations of the word "sport". God has given us the book of Proverbs to live our lives "wisely".