Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lord Reign on High

Lord I want you to reign on high
and be sovereign in my life

Although I may not right now see
what your plans are for me
I have your promises and guarantee
that you will never forsake or leave me
and I have to learn to trust thee

There are days that I struggle so
and I don't know which way you want me to go

So I will watch and wait and pray
for you Oh Lord to show me the way

I will follow you with all of my mind, soul, and heart
and from your Word, my guide I shall never depart

For you are my strength when I am weak
In you I put my faith and trust in
In you I believe

Though times be uncertain
and friends may drift away
You will always be there
You will always remain

So Lord I want you to reign in me
in all your sovereignty
Over all my thoughts
My wants, desires and dreams.

Lord reign on high
Over all my life.

by: Michelle Miano

I thought that this poem might encourage us. Sometimes we don't give him everything. But I want this to change for me. I want my precious Savior and Lord to reign in me. I want to give Him everything and every part of my life. Put it all in His hands.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Beautiful poem Michelle! I can see your heart for the LORD in it and it has encouraged me today.
God bless you!
- Jenny