Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guard Your Heart

Guard your hearts my dear precious one
From the teachings of the foolish and worldly ones
Who like a snapping turtle or hissing snake
Will unbeknownst to you will lead you to an awful state
Away from purity of heart and mind and put it in a dreadful place

For your heart should be like a flower closed and tucked away
Hiding for whoever the Lord would so rightly choose to have to stay
Be not too friendly when a young gentleman or lady decides to look your way
But guard your heart and never give it away
And be patient and wait for when the Lord will have that true love come your way

For one who gives a piece of their heart
Will never get the piece back
and can be even more susceptible in a possible attack
and it might be harder to fight the enemy back.

So precious one come near
Oh please lend me your ear and hear.

Please, Please, listen to your mother and father's wise counsel
Even if it only be but a small ounceful
For they have been in the place you are today
They know what they speak of
They have experience this I can say
And they know how awfully lonely you might feel today
For they too once felt that way.

Better to be wise and listen to your parents
Then to be finding yourself in despair and distress
Since you gave all your heart away
Because you didn't think they knew what they were talking about and decided to be rebellious

Please Please listen to them my dears
For what advice they give will be very clear
They know what's best for they know you better than anyone
No Doubt about that.
Even thought it may not seem like that at first
You got to trust that they have your best in mind
And not your worst.

But even so much more.
You have to be patient and trust in the Lord.

He'll bring the right one someday
Just think you'll be praising God
Thanking him that you weren't foolish to give all your heart away
And that you didn't listen to that snapping turtle or hissing snake
Saying just one piece. Don't worry. Who cares? It's only a little mistake
Lots of others try people on only to just toss them away.
Like it is only a game

No dear No... We can't be that way
For that is how the world around us is
And we must not be like the world the Bible says

So be a light while you are single my dear one
and let the love of Christ shine forth from you
like the radiant sun.

He'll bring the two of you together in His own time
Just be patient and during that time
Guard your heart and your mind
He'll bring the right one in His own time.

Just be patient and wait..
Guard your mind and your heart
And don't ever give it away
Until the Lord brings the right one
And on that very special day
Together you will no longer be considered two but one
Together forever till death will you part
Faithfully serving your Lord and loving Abba Father

Then one day you'll be in your parents shoes and you'll look back
and tell your kids what your parents told you
I know what you're feeling right now.
I've been in your shoes.
and tell them it's better to guard their heart
Keeping it tucked away
Rather than giving it away
Because you need to patient
For true love awaits.

by Michelle Miano

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