Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All He Had (Would He Be Enough?)

There once was a man
Who had nothing
Nothing in the World's Eyes
Of any wealth or value
He was in their eyes
A VERY poor man

The World was wrong
What?!?! How could that be??
With no money
No prosperity

Not all the extravagant things
That money could buy
Could compare to what he had
What is this you ask?
What could be better than money and things?
Faith was the key.
The key to eternal life
Life for all eternity
With the one and only true King

Yes Faith
Faith in the One
The Only One who could save him
Save him from what?
What did he/we need to be saved from?
From the fiery clenches of Hell
An eternity of weeping and gnashing of teeth

Dear God, I am AFRAID!!
I Do Not Want To Go There!!

Repent the Lord has told you!
Repent of your evil ways!
Repent and Have Faith and Believe!
Till your old and dieing days!

For you have sinned!
Lieing, Stealing, Adultery, Blasphemy
The list goes on and on....

Oh God Forgive Me!
I am SOOO VERY sorry!!
Remove my transgressions
Give me everlasting life!
I am unworthy of your love and grace
Thank you for paying that costly price
A life that was sinless given for a wretched sinner like me
And because of that ultimate price
So utterly in love with thee
My Savior Who Died For Me!!!!

Give me all the trials and tribulations that may come.
But I will press on
I will remain steadfast
My faith will remain strong

Or let me be weak and poor
like the poor man I mentioned before
like in Luke chapter 16
For like him my hope is in the Lord!
No matter whatever comes my way.
My hope and peace shall be in the Lord
For I know that I am saved.
And in Him and Him alone my faith will always stay
Even if they take everything away
I will not compromise
I will not sway
For the poor man is my example
And all he ever had was faith
In the One who came to save
And that was enough...
If that was enough for Him
It should be also enough for me.

What about you?
Where would you be?
What would your faith look like?
If you had only faith
Faith in the Lord, Savior and King.

Would He be enough?
He is enough for me...

by Michelle Miano

I wrote this poem based off a sermon I heard my pastor preach this past Sunday morning. Please listen to it. Thank you so much!!!

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