Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Beating Heart

A beating heart
A beating heart
full of love for the Lord
for you my friend I implore

A love for you that will..
never die
never go away
but will be with you every step you take
is what He offers you
if you repent of your sins and give your life to Him today

Life is too short
Yes life is too short
To be sullen and gloomy
To be bitter and sad
To the God who gave you
every emotion you've ever had

For you should not be upset at God
No matter whatever happened in your life
either today or yesterday
or even what might happen
just three months away
For to do that would be to sin
and would not be pleasing to Him

We read in the Word how sin is wrong
The punishment for sin...
Oh what a terrible fate
for those eternity not in heaven but in Hell is what awaits
Unless before their final day arrives
They finally realize
and God opens their eyes
and they repent of their bitterness,anger,and their other sins.
Then and only then will God receive them.

For He paid the price
The only one who could be sacrificed
That is Jesus Christ!
For He went to the cross and died
and rose from the grave and is now alive
So that when a person repents and believes
They will be His then and free indeed.

But remember my friend it's not as simple as I believe in my head
but you must turn from your sin
and believe in your heart
and place your faith and trust in the God alone, Jesus Christ,
Who alone is the only one can save you
and He alone is the only one from the start.
No other person can save you on that final day.
Christ alone is the life, the truth, and the way.

So remember life is only a vapor
Your heart could stop beating any minute of any day
Repent, place your faith and trust in Christ alone to save you today.

We've but a minute, a second, and life is gone
and then we enter into His Holy Presence,
receive judgment and answer/give an account for all we've done wrong.

by Michelle Miano (Oct 3,2009)

This is what I would say to my great grandmother and any lost friend or loved one today... I pray that I would be given the opportunity to share this to her as what she is going through right now made me think of this. She is in a drug induced coma and she isn't saved.

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