Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Friendship Evangelism isn't Evangelism

Oh Blessed be the name of the Lord
Who was and is and will be with us forever more
Blessed be the name of the Lord

When we feel alone
We must remember he is with us
Seated in heaven on his throne

We must not waiver
We must not delay
In preaching the good news that He came
For the day is not far away
The Lord will come back one day

Do we want to be on our bended knees?
Asking, begging our friends to repent please
And because we decided "I'll make them my friend first and just wait."

We will wait...

And then that wait could be too long
And then it's too late
For God can instantly take a life away
Death could be at their front door
You'll regret that day and you would have wished
You would have known before
But now your dear friend stands in judgment before the Lord

And eternity has come for them that day
And by you just thinking "I'll wait another day"
You let friend stray from the narrow gate
And now you can't take back the time or day
It's too late... It's too late.

So don't wait.. Don't wait...
For you may not get another day..
To share with your dear friends
The law and the gospel..
The Good News that He came.

Today is the day..
Go out and share your faith.
Don't wait. Please don't wait.
You don't want for it to happen..
And for it to be too late.

by Michelle Miano

I thought I should share that poem I wrote with you. Sometimes we think if we have friends who are not Christians we should wait "for the right time to come" to share our faith with them. We'll become friends with them and when we've been friends for a while then we think we can share our faith with them. This is known sometimes as Friendship Evangelism which is not really evangelism at all. We get so attached to the friend that we don't want to offend them or make them angry with us. Our feelings become more important then making sure we share the law and the gospel with them. This is so sad. Seeing our friends go to heaven and genuinely repent of their sins and put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone to save them should be of the utmost importance. Cause as my poem said you never know when your friend might take their last breath for them and if they are not saved and born again before that time then it will be too late for them. So don't wait for your friendship with someone to grow to share with your friend the most important thing they need to know. Please Don't Wait! Hope this encourages you to share your faith more often.

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