Monday, May 5, 2008

My first one-to-one conversation

I did it Saturday night around 6pm. I initiated my first one-to-one conversation. Here is my story.

I had been watching a couple of girls sitting beside a fountain down on Brand Boulevard and they were just chatting together. I felt this deep urge inside of me telling me to go and start a conversation with them.

I told myself no. But it kept nagging at me to share with them. So finally I said yes..

My heart was pounding in my chest. I looked to my dad and told him that I want to have a conversation with the girls.

'Oh no, I thought. There is no turning back now...'

My dad asked me if I wanted some spiritual support and back up and if I wanted him to go with me. I nodded my head yes. So we headed over to them.

We walked up to the girls my heart still pounding in my chest. I had a couple million dollar bills with me. "Did you get one of these?" I handed it to them.

"Do you know what the million dollar question is?" "What?" they asked.

"Do you know what happens to somebody when they die?" Silence. She said something that I don't remember. I had no idea what to say next. I looked to my dad for help. "Well what do you think you have to do to go to heaven? Be a good person?" he asked.

One of the girls said "yes." "Would you like to go through a good person test to see if that is true?" he asked.

"Yes." I took it from there. "Have you ever told a lie?" "Yes" she replied.

"If I lied to you what would you call me?"

"I don't know," she replied. I looked up at my dad again for help. He said "It rhymes with fire and starts with an L." She shrugged her shoulders. "Liar."

I asked her "Have you ever stolen anything, even something small, downloaded music that you didn't pay for?"

"No." she said.

"Have you used God's name to express disgust, like saying Oh my g."

"Huh" She wasn't understanding. Her friend standing next to her tried to explain. "Like saying Oh my G--."

"Yes." the other girl said. "That's called blasphemy." I said. The girl still didn't seem to understand. The other girls' phone started to go off. She said "You know what, we have to go. Our ride is here." "Oh Okay." I said. And that was it. That was the conversation I had.

After they left I talked to my dad and he said that he thought there was probably a language barrier between us since the girls were Hispanic. The girls were only 15 years old. After that I was able to hand out about 400-500 tracts that night. When I got back to the car, I broke down in tears. My dad gave me a big hug. I was so sorry that I couldn't really get in a deep conversation and share the gospel with those two girls because I was literally shaking with nervousness, my heart pounding and stuttering my words a lot and they had to leave as well. That was a huge step out of my comfort zone... Never before had I taken so huge a step to share the gospel with someone.


MyChainsAreGone said...

Michelle - Great job! You took the first step which is always the hardest. The next time will be just a little bit easier and so on. Remember no matter how you think your conversations go, it is merely our job to witness and the Holy Spirit's job to convert. We are seed sewers. Only He know how the seed will grow. Keep up the good work! Pete

WayneDawg said...

Great job !

Now that your feet are wet, keep wading in the waters! Pretty soon it will get easier and easier...

The more you witness the more you will remember what to say when there are objections from those who are hard to witness to. But don't worry, if you get knocked off the horse, climb right back on!

Good work and God bless!