Thursday, April 3, 2008

Chad Fell Down

A couple of days ago I decided to start my own blog. I was thinking I could use this blog to keep some of you informed as to what I am doing these days and also put up possibly some short stories I have written. Well once I had decided to make a blog I had to think of a name. I wanted it to be something sophisticated and smart but I also wanted the name to be something that would immediately tell people that this was my blog and no one else. Maybe a name that was unique. So I asked the rest of my family during dinner if they could help me think of any titles.

The first suggestion from my mom was Michelle's Blog of Whatever. To those of you that do know me I like to use the word whatever quite a bit. Just like my mother and grandmother. :) I wrote that one down as an idea and we kept thinking. Well we decided to talk about things that interested me and try to incorporate that into the title. A few of them being Peanuts, different movies, books, etc...

Another name that my sister Marissa thought of was Darla's Dilemmas. For those of you don't know who Darla is she is the little girl in the movie Finding Nemo with the braces that Nemo is going to become her pet before he luckily escapes. My sisters when I first had gotten braces which I now have off gave me a nickname of Darla. Well that idea didn't stand a chance with me and I immediately shot the idea down.

Well next we thought about one of my favorite movies That Thing You Do. If you haven't seen this movie you'll love it. That is the only commercial for today. Just to warn you there is an instance of blasphemy. : ( After thinking about the movie my entire family and I out of nowhere started quoting lines from the movie to think of some more ideas.

"Got any three's. Looks like Lenny's goin' fishing."

"You mean actually make a record? A record record, record?"

Then came the funniest line of them all. Nothing made us laugh harder.

"Uh, guys. Chad fell down."

I can just see the scene running through my head right now. I still giggle every time I think about it. Well after that was over, we kept thinking about different movies that I liked. Another movie that I absolutely love is A Walk to Remember. It such a sweet romantic movie and the book is even better. I would definitely recommend this movie too. This one I am happy to say doesn't have any blasphemy in it. : )

Well it was between the two. Which one would it be? Michelle's Blog of Whatever or Michelle's Walk to Remember. Although Michelle's Blog of Whatever was unique and it did sort of fit me it was just a little too silly. So that was how I chose "Michelle's Walk to Remember" for the name of my blog. An online journal of my walk through life. Now to finish this post, I decided for those of you that haven't seen the scene where Chad falls down in That Thing You Do, I will put up a video clip of this scene I like so much. It's a short one and I hope you all have fun watching it. : )

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